Top 10 Best WakeSurf Boards Reviews in 2018

A good wakesurf board should provide you with stability, control and the right speed. Today, wakesurfing remains one of the fastest growing sports catching the attention of manufacturers. This means you have limitless options when it comes to wakesurf boards. They come is different styles, sizes, and shapes which may be confusing. So, where can you start when shopping for your new or replacement wakesurf.

Finding the best wakesurf board is the first step to becoming a professional surfer, which could be your dreams. It is imperative that you find the right board to make the most out of the water. First, we will present you with top 10 best wakesurf boards reviews before giving you a practical buying guide.

Best WakeSurf Boards in 2018

10. Giantex Beach Surfboard Surf Foamie Boards, 6 inches

Giantex Beach Surfboard Surf Foamie Boards

Giantex Beach Surfboard offers the best way to enjoy a wonderful surfing. It is ideal for use by kids, adults and both genders regardless of your level of skills. Also, it offers a fashionable appearance that complements the beauty of any beach. One thing that also sets this board on top of the others is the real quality that is available at a competitive price.

It features a free leash and a traction pad for enhancing convenience. The board is made of EPE deck, durable foam pad, EPS core and a slick bottom. And as much as fins offer easy and safe surfing, they are also removable to enable easy transportation and storage. Assembly of this tool is a breeze as you just have to follow the instructions included in the package. It boasts a weight capacity of 200lbs, while it is just 10 lbs.

  • Awesomely built for beginners
  • Great price
  • Easy installation
  • Padded for extra comfort
  • Fins are a bit weak

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9. Best Choice Products Ocean Body Surfing Board

Best Choice Products Ocean Body Surfing Board

Are you looking forward to enjoying surfing in the beautiful ocean and shine on beaches? Best Choice products bring to you an awesomely designed surfing board that will for sure transform your experience. With a free leash and traction pad, this board offers safety and convenience you will never see in other models. It fits all classes of surfers whether a newbie, intermediate or advanced.

Also, it has no age limit and hence can be used by both children and adults. It features easy to remove fins for easy transport and to enhance balanced surfing. Regardless of the waves that you need to maneuver, this product is there to offer that. It is incredibly durable and features HDPE bottom for enhancing high speeds. Dimensions are ideal for all levels, as it measures 72 by20 by 3 inches.

  • Great decoration
  • Easy to paddle
  • Great for beginners
  • Affordable and fair price
  • Highly recommended for kids or lightweight adults

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8. Rock-It CHUB Surfboard or Wakesurf, 4’11”

Rock-It CHUB Surfboard or Wakesurf

Rock-It CHUB Surfboard is professionally constructed, light and sturdy to offer unmatched performance to anyone with the passion of surfing. It boasts an appealing design to be used by everyone. The unique soft core and surface of the board bring a thrill of surfing for both kids and adults of all levels of surfing experience.

Strength and rigidity are also aspects that make this board appealing than the majority of its competitors. Thanks to the dual wood stringers and fiberglass materials of construction. Also, thanks to the recycled EPS material that makes up the core of this board. It accommodates individuals of up to 200 lbs. Who are the hardcore fans for wake surfing? For fashions and aesthetics, this board is available in red, blue, yellow among others colors.

  • Incredible strength and rigidity
  • EPS soft core
  • Great color diversity
  • Great price
  • Weak fins but with great flexibility

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7. Liquid Shredder Surf Board, with FSE EPS

Liquid Shredder Surf Board, with FSE EPS

Liquid Shredder FSE EPS is premium constructed, lightweight but very sturdy. It features a patented construction with unique design precisely to be used by everyone ranging from pro rippers to new surfers. The outstanding surface of the shredder board and the innovative soft core offers an awesome surfing experience to both adults and kids too.

Featuring an expanded polystyrene foam and double wooden stringers, they possess great durability and rigidity. Besides, the expanded polyethylene foam deck is forgiving and offers softness and comfort. The cost is pretty easier to absorb, and this tool is highly recommended for kids who want to have unlimited surfing.

  • Affordable price
  • High-density materials for speed and durability
  • Hand shaped to maintain superior quality
  • 90-day non-commercial warranty
  • Good for kids because of low weight capacity

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6. CWB Ride Wakesurf Board plus Surf Rope

CWB Ride Wakesurf Board plus Surf Rope 2017

CWB Ride Wakesurf Board remains to be an ultimate solution if you want to learn faster or getting up and riding faster. It features a high volume and a blunted nose which enhances a stable platform. This premium construction ensures that you remain in sweet spot without taking a lot of effort. When you want to engage playfulness and response, the three removable fins offer the required customizable feel.

Additionally, the included bundled surf rope ensures that you get out there without facing any hassles. To be honest, this surf board is ideally built to enable anyone sees the reason why wake surfing is famous among the behind the boat activities more than any other water sport.

  • Surf style design
  • Removable fins for a customizable feel
  • EVA pad for comfort and durability
  • Compression molded increase rigidity
  • A bit pricey

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5. Hyperlite Wakesurfer Broadcast

Hyperlite Wakesurfer Broadcast

Wakesurf lifestyle has been taken to a new level with Hyperlite Wakesurfer Broadcast. It is one of the best tools to have if you want to enjoy surfing to the maximum. Being in the best-selling wake surf series, the model has just gotten better. Apparently, the shape has been designed and put on test by Scott Bouchard and Brian Grubb to ensure that you enjoy the greatest performance at any ability level.

This wake surf board features a dual concave base with new rocker line to enhance a fast and responsive ride. It is among the few boards available on the market that allow riders to air out and maneuver high speeds for rotational tricks. It is ideal for intermediates as they can maintain sweet spot of a curl without hassles. For maximum traction, it features a machined EVA deck pad which is a feature specifically reserved for North shores.

  • Great for all levels of skills
  • Great traction
  • Ideal for all rotational tricks
  • Dual concave base for high-speed riding
  • Pricey

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4. Byerly – 4.6 Speedster Wakesurf, BWF

Byerly 2017 - 4.6 Speedster Wakesurf, BWF

When durability matches the performance of a surfboard, you expect to enjoy without facing any stressing moments. That said, Byerly 2017 – 4.6 Speedster Wakesurf boasts performance and durability as the main driving forces behind its development. Through the utilization of the compression molded technology, and high-end RTM surf fin system, this equipment offers more than you can imagine.

Unless you experiment it, you will never know what it has to offer. It boasts a highly performing traction pad meaning that this tool will never go off your feet unless you want to. The shape is great and boasts a streamlined body which cuts through ocean waters without any resistance. And as the name Speedster implies, this board can attain incredibly lethal speeds which make it perfect for advanced and intermediates.

  • High-end RTM surf fin system
  • Works for all waves
  • Fashionable design
  • High price tag

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3. 2017 Ronix Hex Shell Wake Surf Board

2017 Ronix Hex Shell Wake Surf Board

In the third position of our review, Ronix surfboard boasts a unique construction to enhance great performance. It is created using a torsional stiffer boards of a new material referred to as HEX shell. It boasts an amazing layup which removes a delay that the ride must have before going for the next move. The newly molded construction decrease the reaction time between the surfer and the board.

The new core design takes way any downtime in surfing. Thus, it is ideal for advanced and intermediate and offers great comfort as the core is made of foam material. If you are finding the thinnest option, it is almost nonexistent in the Ronix position. The swing weight is almost none existing and pops off your feeling that seems to last forever. It offers an effortless way to stomp hardest inspired tricks.

  • Made for high speeds
  • Ideal for intermediate as well as advanced
  • New rear and front pad design
  • Durable construction design and materials
  • Hefty price tag

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2. 2017 – Phase5 Model X Wakesurfer

2017 - Phase5 Model X Wakesurfer

Phase 5 model X wake surfer is made to offer top of the line performance. Without any arguments, the features of this product say it all. It features an unmatched surface ideal for hardcore riders. Model X is a fun-shape inspired which dedicates the design in offering an incredibly stable surface. Besides, the single winged fish tail design enhances lighting and perfects the riding control in the wave.

This model comes fully equipped with G10 2 thruster fin set. Precisely, the fin configuration gives the rider unmatched control while on the board making it ideal both beginners as well as professionals. It measures 53 inches in length meaning it isn’t too short or too long. It is wrapped using a full a carbon layup making it suitable for skim and surf hybrid. Also, it comes with two to three fins with core aim being ride customization.

  • Carbon fiber build for rigidity and sturdiness
  • Fish tail design increases the riding speed
  • Perfect for intermediates and advanced surf riders
  • Attractive shape, design, and décor
  • Product warranty
  • Not identified

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1. Ronix Koal Classic 2017 Wakesurfer

Ronix Koal Classic 2017 Wakesurfer

At the climax of the top 10 best surfboards review, Ronix Koal Classic features top notch quality of construction. This model claims all the victory as Ronix’s most running high-end surfboards. It is the best deal if you just want an overall fun shape.

A fish profiled designs tell you that this tool is designed for very high speeds hence ideal for astounding riders who know every rotational trick of surfing. With its deep swallow tail, you can effortlessly break free, and the bottom drives will get you there quickly. Besides, the versatile swallow tail design enables toes on nose stability, awesome cutbacks and off the lip performance.

This surfboard features machined EVA concave pads, extra tall tail kick and arch support which enhance convenient, stable and speedy surfing. It is handmade by robots to ensure excellent and precise quality. Thanks to the wider and more stable nose shape and rocker line design. Also, the exclusively machined core enhances more glide speed.

  • Comparatively low price than competitive models
  • Fashionable design and colors
  • Great for advanced riders
  • Durable EVA pads
  • Achieves great speeds and enhances easy maneuverability
  • Not identified

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Factors to Consider When Buying a WakeSurf Board

  • Board type and basic features: There are various types of surfboards for different levels. We’ve long board for beginners, fun boards for intermediates and beginners, short boards for intermediates and advanced and finally, we have fish for intermediates and advanced. Choose wisely considering the level of your skills. Basic features include shape and size which have a great impact on stability and speed of surfing.
  • Surfer level: As we have seen, considering your surfing level is very important. And as a beginner, you need something longer, wider and made of comfortable materials for easier use and keeping balance while floating on water. As for intermediates, they can use fun boards or a shorter board. Fun boards are smaller and move at incredibly high speeds. Advanced surfers also need to select the best board that matches their amazing skill if they need to perform as per their expectations.
  • Your weight: The weight of an individual has a great impact on the use of a surfboard. To be honest, if you are a light individual, a short board will be the best. It happens to make better turns and paddles. If you have a considerably heavy weight, you will need a thicker board that will make turns easier and effortless paddling.
  • Wave types: Long and fun boards are designed for smaller and slower waves. So, it all depends on the type of wave that you want to ride. Similarly, short and fish boards are ideal for big and hollow waves. Besides, beginners will like smaller, slower waves to engage in basic skills. Professionals and intermediates will love bigger waves which offer more fun.
  • Surf frequency: If you are planning to surf on a daily basis, the short board will enable you to learn faster. But if you will be going once per week, a longer board will be the best since you will have to take long before you perfect the art.


As you can see choosing the best wakesurf boards needs not to be a tricky thing. There are more than enough varieties to pick from. They come in different prices and designs qualities and hence aren’t the same. All the same, our review has the best selection you could ever want. Whether you are a beginner, an intermediate or an advanced rider, you just have to pick the one that matches your level. Pricewise, you have to dig deep into your pockets for you to have unlimited surfing fun while on the beach.







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  • Surfing experience is fun, and people seem not to get enough of it. One thing that remains true is that there is no end to surfboard shapes and sizes. Whether you are a starter, intermediate or a professional surfer, you must have a perfect board that matches your abilities and ocean conditions. However, no particular surfboard is perfect for all types of waves or conditions. You need to learn about the features of any board before buying it. Since making the decision is a bit tricky, we are here to help by reviewing the top 10 best surfboards in 2017.

    Factors to Consider Before Buying a Wakesurf Board

    The above reviews have considered some of the best wakesurf boards currently in the market. Since people have different tastes and preferences, it may be possible that you cannot find one that fits your style or needs. To help you get what you want, here is a brief buyer’s guide discussing the most important thing to consider before buying a wakesurf board.

    · Board Style 

    You can choose from three styles including surf, skim or hybrid. Skim boards are ideal for airs, spins and skate-inspired moves behind the boat. The surf style boards offer the same feel as catching waves at the ocean beach. They are ideal for beginners because they support learning while the advanced riders will enjoy the speed explosiveness and maneuverability. The hybrid style blends between the two. They offer playfulness as well as speed and maneuverability.

    · Fin Set Up 

    The fin set up plays an important role when it comes to the overall ride and feel of the board. Fit set ups include single, twin, thruster, quad and five fins. Single fins work as a rudder to offer stability, control and hold. They cannot generate speed so you must harness all power from the wave making it ideal for large waves. Twin fins allow you to be playful because of its ability to grip deep into turns. It is ideal for smaller waves.

    Thruster set up has three fins. The outer fins help to build speed while the center fin ensures stability and control. The quad fin, on the other hand, is optimized for speed. It offers fast and loose feel but still controllable. The five-fin setup allows you the versatility to try all the fin setups described above.

    · Tail Shape 

    The shape of the tail determines the feel of the board based on the wave conditions. You can choose between pintail, square tail, shallow tail, squash tail, round tail or diamond tail. Other options include half-moon tail and bat tail. Take your time and research about the advantages and disadvantages of each tail type before buying a wakesurf board.

    · Rail Design 

    The rail affects how water flows past the board thereby determining how it rides in as well as out of it turns. Generally, thinner and sharper rails will build more speed and responsiveness while the thicker, blunter rails enhance stability and consistency. You should choose between hard rail, full rail and blended rail. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

    · Rocker Lines 

    These lines define the curvature of wakesurf boards on the bottom. This determines the surface area of the board that will be in contact with water while you are riding. A wakesurf board featuring more relaxed rocker maintains the larger surface area in contact with water and this increases speed. They are ideal for smaller, mellower water waves. Lesser surface area helps with performing tricks.

    — Giantex 6′ Surfboard Surf Foamie Boards —

    Giantex 6′ wakesurf board has strong and durable foam top, Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) core, Expanded Polyethylene (EPE) deck and Polypropylene (PP) hard slick bottom. The surfboard has a free leash and traction pad making it highly comfortable and convenient to use. In fact, Giantex 6′ is suitable for beginners because of great stability and versatility. Both children and adults can use it.
    The board has removable fins to allow for easy transport. It weighs 10 pounds and can handle surfers up to 200 pounds maximum capacity. The board is easy to assemble but it also comes with an instruction manual to guide you through. Its wonderful design and blue and white color finish make this wakesurf board fashionable.

    — Best Choice Products Surfing Surf Beach Ocean Body Foamie Board Surfboard —

    This wakesurf board from best choice is designed fashionably and elegantly but also offers great performance. It is constructed from strong and durable foam materials that capable of withstanding extended surfing episodes. Its Slick HDPE bottom promotes speed and contributes to proper control and stability. These boards come with a free leash and traction pads to ensure convenient and comfort during use.
    The best choice is a great beginner wakesurf board for both children and adults. Its removable fins allow for easy transportation and storage. The unit measures 72″ high x 20.5″ wide x 3.5″ thick with a maximum carrying capacity of up to 200 pounds. The package included instruction manual to help you with the assembly of the board. This product is good for beginner and intermediate surfers and not professional surfers.

    — Rock-It 4’11” CHUB Surfboard or Wakesurf —

    Rock-It 4’11” CHUB is a small, compact wakesurf board specifically made for your little champion. It could be the best starter board for kids currently in the market. The core of the board is made from recycled Expanded Polystyrene foam to ensure strength and durability. For further stability, Rock-It 4’11” CHUB featured twin wood stringers and 6oz fiberglass cloth under its soft top.
    Available in an array of colors, the board is fashionable. It can accommodate surfers weighing up to 150 pounds and wakesurfers weighing up to 200 pounds. This shortboard measures 4’11in x 20.5in x 2.5in with a volume of 30.7 liters. You kid will love this wakesurf board.

    — Liquid Shredder FSE EPS/PE Soft Surf Board —

    Designed for novice riders, the Liquid Shredder Soft Surf Board is a high-quality wakesurf board for your favorite sport. It features EPE foam soft foamie deck with a slick high-speed bottom and wooden stringers for optimal stiffness and durability. Additional strength and durability come from Expanded Polyethylene core. The EPE deck with EPS core and PP hard slick bottom are heat laminated into a cost effective hi-performance soft board.
    The colorful soft EPE makes this board stylish and fashionable while adding comfort and anti-slip texture when wet. The board is hand-shaped with a technologically advanced design to offer high-speed streamlined performance.

    — CWB Ride Wakesurf Board —

    A great wakesurf board for a beginner or an intermediate rider is the CWB Ride Package. It comes with everything you need to start your wakesurf lessons or to advance your training. It is specifically shaped to enhance your learning experience. The board is very stable and easy to control. CWB Ride’s style allows for easy traction and predictable turns.
    It is compression molded to enhance buoyancy and durability. Compression molded boards do not break easily even on impact. It has three 1.75′ tail fins, double edge rail, as well as CNC diamond, cut EVA pad with kick tail. It also comes with rope package. The board does not work well for people weight less than 100 pounds.

    — Hyperlite Broadcast 2017 Wakesurf Board —

    This wakesurf board provides great performance for any ability level. It features a dual concave base as well as a new advanced rocker line that provide a super fast responsive ride. Its great design allows advanced riders to air out and create speed for swiveling tricks while intermediate and beginner riders can sustain the momentum and stay in the nice spot of curl.
    Hyperlite Broadcast has machined EVA pad that provides optimal traction. The board uses a unique layered glass design that allows it to have the same new look over time. The traction foam pad, and top and bottom glass construction ensure durability while at the same time offering you maximum control and smooth ride. It comes with 3 removable fins for easy transportation.

    — Byerly 2017 Speedster Wakesurf BWF —

    Byerly Speedster Wakesurf board is a new 2017 release and it is already taking the market by storm. It combines style and the latest wakesurf board technology to deliver fast responsive ride. The board is equipped with wonderful features and specifications for enhanced durability and performance. It uses compression molded construction with the addition of the companies new hi-tech RTM surf fin system. Currently, the information about his wakesurf board is limited but from the looks, it is a great product.

    — Ronix Hex Shell Skate Skimmer WakeSurf Board —

    Utilizing a fresh perspective on constructing skim-style surfboards, the Ronix Hex Shell is truly one of the best wakesurf boards currently in the market. It has a concave top that offers a firm connection between the rider and the board. It features a Hex Shell Core, which is ultra-stiff and durable. It also enables immediate response while at the same time boosting the thinner profile’s mobility.
    This wakesurf board’s skimmer shape ensures it sits lower in the water compared to its plumper experts. Its hard rail edges feature high-speed carves for riders who want to bury the rail. Other great features include fiberglass symmetric 2.5″ fin, machined EVA concave pads with arch support as well as excessively tall tail kick and Ronix proprietary tool-less fin-S 2 system.

    — Phase 5 Race Wakesurf Board —

    This futuristic, elegant and high-performance wakesurf board is a great choice for anyone wanting to enjoy the ride whether beginner, intermediate or advanced. This board features an additional emphasis on responsiveness and agility. Its narrow profile design and a wider diamond tail create a rapid response as well as increased feel on the wakesurf board.
    The board’s narrow shape all through the middle makes it quick to move from rail to rail. It features Phase 5’s standard E-Glass/Epoxy construction for stiffness, strength, and durability. The package included twin 4.3″ fins. This could be the best board for a fast and agile ride.

    — Ronix Koal Classic Fish Wakesurf Board 2017 —

    This all-round wakesurf fun board features a shallow design that makes it agile, speedy and easy to control. The Ronix Classic Wakesurf board is constructed by mechanizing a core to ensure the most accurate shape and rocker line. The core is then hand-wrapped in a fiberglass shell and then vacuum bagged to eliminate any unnecessary resin. This results in the lightest, strongest and consistent wakesurf board.
    The board is armed with an interchangeable thruster fin system to ensure stability and better control. The other great features responsible for the board’s great quality include full rail for smooth and predictable arcs and mechanized concave EVA pads with arch support and tall tail kick.


    Now you have enough information on the top 10 best wakesurf boards. You also know what to look for when you set out to find the board for your needs. You must pay attention to your weight because wakesurf boards are rated for maximum carrying weight. To serve you better and for longer, you must not surpass the recommend weight. These products also differ in prices. You must compare the prices in order to reach the best decision.

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