Top 10 Best Wakeboards in 2018

Summertime is not complete without having a wakeboarding fun. Wakeboarding is certainly an entertaining exploration, and it’s significant to accomplish this outdoor activity using the proper tools. Wakeboarding is prevalently boating fun sport that every rider needs to have a trial.

Whether you are an experienced or a beginner rider, there are ideal wakeboards to assist you to get the best out of this sporting activity. A combination of snowboarding and water-skiing can be easily accomplished during summer. Searching for the ideal wakeboards can be complicated, specifically if there are so many varieties to choose from. That is why you are recommended this review in order to come up with a quality board. The ideal ones are known for their quality, design, and maneuvering ability of Top 10 Best Wakeboards in 2018.

List of the top 10 best wakeboards in 2018

2017 Ronix One ATR Wakeboard - 138CM - 125-190 LBS
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Hyperlite Marek Bio Wakeboard Mens Sz 135cm
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Hydroslide Matrix Wakeboard (55-Inch)
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CWB Board Reverb Wakeboard, 141cmN/ABuy on Amazon
Rave Freestyle Wakeboard with Camo Boots (Blue/Black)
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New Hyperlite Mystique Women's Wakeboard 2018 Complete Package Fits Women's 5-10 (135 cm)
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Hydroslide Helix Wakeboard, Green, 56-Inch
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Ronix Vault Wakeboard (2016)-139N/ABuy on Amazon
Full Throttle Aqua Extreme Wakeboard Kit (Black/Blue, 55.1 x 21.6-Inch/ 140cm x 42cm)
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Hydroslide Wakeboard (56-Inch)
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Ronix is an ideal model for wakeboards. The Wakeboard is popularly recognized for its incredibly durable structure that makes it functional for an extended time. It is crafted for unrestricted ride styles meaning you can even make use of it any manner you wish to.

Designed for professionals, it features powerful snap for high speed that makes it superb for the skilled users. It normally comes in four dissimilar sizes of 1.46 m, 1.42 m, 1.38 m, and 1.34 m. The outstanding thing about this product is that 1-year warranty is included.

Key Features:
  • Features powerful snap
  • 1-year warranty
  • Comes in four dissimilar sizes
  • Include durable structure
Pros & Cons
  • Provides softer landings
  • Smooth yet jubilant ride
  • Robust and durable shell
  • Less expensive
  • Smooth yet jubilant ride
  • 1-year warranty
  • Only for experts
  • Only suitable for men

9. Marek Bio Wakeboard from Hyperlite

Marek Bio Wakeboard from Hyperlite

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If your main objective is to gain speedy wakeboarding experience then Hyperlite Bio Marek Wakeboard is the precise selection for you. The 2.65 inches elongated rocker layer entails super speed. For safety ride, make sure that this board offers smoother and soft landings on each edge.

Wakeboarding is a very dangerous sport. To combat that, the manufacturer has incorporated genuine glass layering in this product. This layering offers steady grip for controlling high speeds easily. The board is damage and corrosion resistant due to featured in carbon torsion zone.

Key Features:
  • 2.65 inches elongated rocker layer
  • Glass layering is incorporated
  • The rocker offers it unique feature
  • Incorporate carbon torsion zone
Pros & Cons
  • Rocker offers it unique feature
  • Strong and lightweight
  • Durable and speedy
  • Crafted for expert and trainees
  • The rocker offers it unique feature
  • Long center spine aspect softens the landing
  • Only suitable for users with above 130 pounds

8. Matrix Wakeboard (55-Inch) from Hydroslide

Matrix Wakeboard (55-Inch) from Hydroslide

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The Matrix Wakeboard (55-Inch) from Hydroslide is an ideal combination of style, performance, and quality. It is excellent for those users who are eager to accomplish varied tricks or even those who wish to upgrade their surfing skills on the water surface. This model features the optimum 4-point design which offers uniform ride without using more effort.

With Camo Bindings Air Profile, Matrix Wakeboard (55-Inch) can enable you to make your turning and hard cuts effortless, conversely, its appearance requirement is also an added improvement.

Key Features:
  • Features optimum 4-point design
  • Incorporates Camo Bindings Air Profile
  • Highly durable
Pros & Cons
  • Ideal for vigorous riding
  • Suitable for both adult and youth riders
  • Highly durable
  • Versatile wakeboard
  • Only commended for expert
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7. Blemish Reverb Factory Wakeboard from CWB

Blemish Reverb Factory Wakeboard from CWB

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If you are an intermediate or not an expert and you wish to advance your skills, then this Wakeboard is absolutely your ideal preference. With featured in V-tech in tail and tip, the great flex in included to allow for edge to edge moves and smoother landings.

The wakeboard incorporates System 80 Core set up which is superb for it. Additionally, Blemish Reverb Factory Wakeboard from CWB is almost protected and sealed with an UltraViolet protection and laminated Nexus Shell too. It weighs 7.1 pounds.

Key Features:
  • System 80 Core set up is included
  • Featured in V-tech in tail and tip
  • Incorporates laminated Nexus Shell
  • Incorporates Ultra Violet protection
  • Weighs 7.1 pounds
Pros & Cons
  • 180’s to flips and spins
  • Long center spine aspect softens the landing
  • Rider controls this gear using deep channel
  • 4X4 designed fin set with detachable 1 in. This plastic center fin ensures traction and stability.
  • Intended for Advanced/Intermediate/Beginner
  • Not suitable for extremely Professional riders

6. Rave Freestyle Wakeboard (139cm)

Rave Freestyle Wakeboard (139cm)

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This wakeboard is highly recommended for riders who have acquired a rough and freestyle of riding. This wakeboard measures 139cm in length, though it is only suitable for professional riders because it moves at great speeds. This wakeboard normally turns and cut across the water surface as you wish to.

The most outstanding feature is that Camo Bindings is included making this wakeboard a precise fit and offer an ideal grip on it. Although the level of control is considerably advanced, an expert would enjoy riding Rave Freestyle Wakeboard to acquire the natural feel.

Key Features:
  • Includes Camo Bindings
  • Measures 139cm in length
  • Incredible color pattern and design
  • Suitable for vigorous riders
Pros & Cons
  • Incredible color pattern and design
  • Ideal board for stunts, jumps, and tricks
  • Soft landings
  • Superior grip and control
  • Beginners are not recommended to use

5. New Mystique Women’s Wakeboard from Hyperlite

New Mystique Women’s Wakeboard from Hyperlite

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This wakeboard is particularly designed for female riders. It includes many upgraded feminine delicacy features. It is crafted on M6 board, which is much lighter and thinner in comparison with other wakeboards.

Moreover, with featured in removable fins, this wakeboard become modern. It also features rare flex zone which includes minimal abrasion especially on the feels and back of leg cushioning to your heels.

Key Features:
  • Crafted on M6 board
  • Include upgraded feminine delicacy
  • Thinner and lighter
  • Three stage rocker
  • Includes rare flex zone with minimal abrasion
Pros & Cons
  • Easier to ride.
  • Durable and base plate
  • Incorporates removable fins
  • Included rare flex zone with minimal abrasion will cushion your heels.
  • Only fit for female and not suitable for bigger men.
  • Costly
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4. Helix Wakeboard, 56-Inch, Green, from Hydroslide

Helix Wakeboard, 56-Inch, Green, from Hydroslide

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The Helix Wakeboard, 56-Inch, Green, the board is incorporated with a distinctive and adapted design. It features a carbon fiber which offers it a strong construction. This Wakeboard is crafted to offers a remarkable speed without negotiating on the protection of users.

This model provides a protective care to the ankle due to its low angle all through the ride. Even though it ensures better performance, Helix Wakeboard, 56-Inch, Green fails to offer comfort because of bindings.

Key Features:
  • Features carbon fiber
  • Green
  • Has low angle for ankle protection
  • Features a modified design
  • 56-Inch
Pros & Cons
  • Fit for rigorous wakeboarding
  • Very durable
  • Incredible price
  • Stable and secure ankle support
  • Lacking in comfort
  • Should not include bindings

3. Ronix Vault Wakeboard

Ronix Vault Wakeboard

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The Ronix Vault Wakeboard has a most recent powerful-level wakeboard with precise edges for heel side and toes side cuts. This model includes an appropriate design for average and as well as beginners riders.

One of the worst things about this product is that it does not feature binding laces. The board also includes removable fins for professional users. It is also offered in numerous colors and sizes. There are certain complaints that this model is not fitting to quite a number of users.

Key Features:
  • Removable fins
  • Features a most recent design
  • Come in numerous color and sizes
Pros & Cons
  • It has the latest design and features.
  • Appropriate for both average and beginners.
  • Offered in numerous colors and sizes.
  • Includes removable fins for professional users.
  • Binding laces not included.
  • Slightly costlier.

2. Full Throttle Extreme Aqua Wakeboard

Full Throttle Extreme Aqua Wakeboard

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This is the finest product which includes the latest technology fixed in it. It features feather core technology necessary for additional stability and density.

The fascinating feature of this model is that it incorporates ABS fin blocks which are also enhancing the sturdiness of the wakeboard. The dual molded fins with elongated rocker offer a relaxing feeling.

Key Features:
  • Includes feather core technology
  • The latest technology fixed in it
  • Incorporates ABS fin blocks
Pros & Cons
  • Most recent technology is fixed in it.
  • Dual molded fins with elongated rocker offer a
  • Incorporates ABS fin blocks which are enhancing the sturdiness.
  • Included binding laces.
  • A little heavier than other boards.
  • It is the most costly of all the boards.
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1. Hydroslide Wakeboard (56-Inch)

Hydroslide Wakeboard (56-Inch)

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Hydroslide Wakeboard (56-Inch) is a superb board for either intermediate or beginner’s adult riders. It is suitable for the rider with 200 pounds and above. According to some riders, this product is said to be strong and durable as well.

The bindings provide great support as long as Wakeboard (56-Inch) don’t break down making it suitable for beginners This wakeboard is offered at a very forgiving price. Easy to ride and to bound on. Limited performance, crafted for a low-level rider. It is the 56-inch length.

Key Features:
  • 14.4 pounds
  • 56-inches long
  • 56 by 16 by 13 inches
  • Twin Tip Design
  • Chaser Bindings Lace Up incorporated
  • Universal Sandal Bindings
  • Recommended for either beginners or intermediates
Pros & Cons
  • Fits youth to adult shoe sizes from size 5 – 12
  • Chaser bindings provide secure ankle support
  • Ideal learning board
  • Cool design
  • It is suitable for the rider with 200 pounds and above
  • Very strong
  • Not suitable for aggressive and proficient use

Features to consider when purchasing wakeboards:

These features include materials, weight, rocker pattern, length, and style.

Materials: The current wakeboards are crafted using a foam core enclosed in fiberglass and compressed poly-urethane. Pro-model and higher end boards feature PVC cores and wood, which helps lower weight without using much strength. With the use of this material, wakeboards durability is increased.

Consider your Weight: Ideal wakeboards normally come in diverse sizes to offer selections for users with varied weights. If you are purchasing it for children, then you have to go for the smaller sized wakeboards because your kids are steady and lighter when sailing.

Rocker Pattern: The board with more rockers will be less edgy, looser, and slower while the fewer rockers enable the wakeboard to edge more aggressively and move faster.

Length: The wakeboard must be a key thing to look at when purchasing a wakeboard. However, find the suitable le length of board that caters to your requirement.

Style and experience: The beginner should look for user-friendly and forgiving wakeboard. Features like full-length channels, soft mellow edges and center fin, and make the board to edge easily for an unskilled rider.


Wakeboarding needs the proper gears if at all you are aiming to achieve the ideal experience when surfing. However, with the above-drafted reviews on the ideal wakeboards, you can easily pick the most suitable one and acquire it right away! Hope you will have a fantastic purchasing experience.

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  • Human Beings are social animals who cannot live without society. They interact with each other and, sometimes, this interaction causes a lot of conflicts. These conflicts increase their sufferings. They involve in various activities and sports to forget their miseries of life. There are also many such people who take part in various sports and healthy activities for pure enjoyment. Most of these are outdoor activities and various tools and equipments are used in these activities. Wakeboarding is also such an activity which not only relieves the sufferings but also shows positive impacts on the health.

    Wakeboard is a small rectangular board that has minimal displacement. There is also a shoe like binding on the upper side. Wakeboards are normally used by toeing them behind the boats in river or sea waters. Wakeboarding is one of the most favorite activities of the Western people. Here, it is important to mention that all the boats do not support wakeboarding. Some of the boats are specially designed for wakeboarding. The person riding a wakeboard can also travel at the speed of the board which usually remains between 15-25 kilometers/hour. There are different kinds of wakeboards also. The most important of these are:

    10. Hydroslide Wakeboard

    These are one of the most commonly used wakeboards that comes equipped with a rope to toe it with the boat. These are available in the variety of colors. The bottom of this board is the quad channel with two fin design. The designing of this board makes it one of the most commonly used wakeboards. The new user can learn it quite easily and would find pleasure to ride it. Following are the pros and cons of this wakeboard.

    9. No Fear Concept Wakeboard

    This is another top-rated wakeboard with deep bottom design suitable for riders of all levels. It is due to deep center of the board that it glides straight. This board also comes with binding which fits the size of adults. It is also available in different colors of which white, black, and yellow are the most common. This board also has many pros and cons. These are:

    8. New Hyperlite Mystique Women’s Wakeboard

    This is one of the best selling wakeboard specially designed for women. It has many upgraded features that suit the delicacy of women in all respects. This wakeboard is built on M6 board and is, therefore, much thinner and lighter as compared to other wakeboards. Moreover, the fins in this board are removable making it one of the most modern wakeboard. Following are the pros and cons of this wakeboard.

    7. New 2017 Hyperlite Wakeboard Vapor

    It is the best ever wakeboard by Hyperlite that comes with quality binding with a superior riding experience. It has an exemplary stability and features three stage rockers. It has an agent binding design which is considered the most comforting design in all situations. Following are the pros and cons of this wakeboard.

    6. Body Glove Wakeboard

    This is another top-rated wakeboard that has a lot of modern features. The manufacturer has now even released its latest model. This is also a lot lighter board with twin tip design. This wakeboard is considered suitable for the riders above 125lbs weight. It also comes with adult chaser lace bindings for enhanced performance. Following are the pros and cons of this wakeboard.

    5. Ronix Vault Wakeboard

    This is one of the latest entry-level wakeboards with specific edges for toe side and heel side cuts. This wakeboard has a suitable design for beginners and average users. One of the most disappointing things about this wakeboard is that it comes without binding laces. Following are the pros and cons of this wakeboard.

    4. Rave Lyric Wakeboard

    Rave Lyric Wakeboard is also a very good wakeboard that comes with advantage boots. There is also a three stage rocker. The rocker has progressive edges. This means that the edges are rounded in the center while sharp on both sides. The advantage boot can fit the size of any adult which means that this wakeboard is ideal for adults. Following are the pros and cons of this wakeboard.

    3. Obrien System 140 Wakeboard

    This is an intermediate level wakeboard which is quite easy to learn for the new risers. Its continuous rocker helps the rider to predict the tracking. This prediction increases the confidence of the riders. It has a long center fin and double barrel channels that provide longer and better riding. Following are the pros and cons of this wakeboard. The outer material of this wakeboard is also a lot comfortable.

    2. Hydroslide Black Widow Wakeboard

    This wakeboard is also designed for the beginners as well as average riders. It comes with universal Lace Up chaser binding which keeps the riders safe while doing various tricks. This board is also suitable for adult riders. Following are the pros and cons of this wakeboard.

    1. Full Throttle Aqua Extreme Wakeboard

    This is one of the finest wakeboards with latest technology embedded in it. There is a feather core technology for added density and stability. The most interesting feature of this wakeboard is its ABS fin blocks. This also increases the strength of the board. Following are the pros and cons of this wakeboard.


    After reading the entire article, we come to the conclusion that wakeboards are an important accessory nowadays. But, the ones that suit your size, weight, and fittings are good for you. Always go for the wakeboard that is a blend of old and new technologies. Choose the one that suits you and your children. The Hydroslide Wakeboards may prove a better option for you as these are quite easy to learn and simple in design. Moreover, these come with almost all the accessories that any rider may need. These boards are also reliable and durable.

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