Top 10 Best Gymnastics Bars in 2018 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

Buying a gymnastics bar for your little one, so he or she can practice at home, is a route many parents with promising kids have taken. We all know that practice makes perfect, and that a person’s level of practice also depends on the availability of equipment to practice with. Having a gymnastics bar at home will therefore, without any doubt, increase your child’s skills tremendously.

Gymnastics is a not familiar sport, so one should put some keen considerations before acquiring a gymnastics bar. Just but a few things to consider consist of the simplicity of height adjustments, weight limits, the extras as well as if a bar is strongly built. With this review, you can easily purchase the best bars in the current market.

List of Best Gymnastics Bars in 2018

Nimble Sports Purple Junior Adjustable Horizontal Bar - Kids Kip BarBuy on Amazon
Bestmart INC Adjustable (3'-5') Kip Bar with10ft Folding MatBuy on Amazon
Usexport Gymnastics Expandable Junior Training Bar Adjustable 3' to 5' Horizontal Bar PurpleBuy on Amazon
Milliard Adjustable Height Kip Bar | Bright Teal | FlexBuy on Amazon
Kids Jungle Gymnastics Expandable Junior Training Monkey Bars Climbing Tower Child play Training Gym PinkBuy on Amazon
Team Sports Best Choice -Gymnastics Pro-Deluxe High Bar -Blue Paint (mat not included)Buy on Amazon
Gymnastics Bar Adjustable 3' to 5' Model DX Barney Purple, 1.5" Dia. Solid Hardwood, Very Sturdy From Gym2danceBuy on Amazon
Tumbl Trak Expandable Gymnastics Training Jr Kip Bar, PurpleBuy on Amazon
Z-Athletic Kip Bar, PinkBuy on Amazon
Tumbl Trak Jr Bar PRO Adjustable Gymnastics Training Bar, BlueBuy on Amazon

Following are the 10 best gymnastics bars in 2018. It is our hope that this review will make your purchase decision easier, by presenting you with the best available options.

10. Horizontal Bar Purple Junior Adjustable By Nimble Sports

Horizontal Bar Purple Junior Adjustable By Nimble Sports

Check it on Amazon

The Purple Junior incorporates a quality choice manufactured in the United States. It meets all the safety and quality standards in the all states market. With an adjustable horizontal bar of three feet to the five feet, your child can train at diverse heights easily.

The bar includes a base of 4 ft. width which will automatically fit landing mat of 4 by 8.The 1.5 inches wood bar is normally preferred for its strength and supports the weight of about 100 lbs.

Key Features:
  • The wood bar incorporates 1.5 inches round
  • Adjustable horizontal bar of 3 feet to 5 feet
  • The base has a width of 4 ft. and will perfectly fit a typical landing mat of the 4X8 gym
  • Has a warrant of one year
     Pros     Cons
  • Strong and stable
  • Safe
  • extremely sturdy
  • Easy to use
  • Requires sandbags in order to grip it down at great heights

9. Bestmart INC Horizontal Bar Pink Adjustable and 10ft Folding Mat Combo Gym Set

Bestmart INC Horizontal Bar Pink Adjustable and 10ft Folding Mat Combo Gym Set

Check it on Amazon

This is another safe and stable Horizontal Bar by Bestmart INC for kids. It is best for indoor use and can be also moveable.

It is stable, free-standing, and heavy duty even to the great heights. It allows you to adjust height from 3.9 ft wide up to about 1.58 inches round easily.

Key Features:
  • Has a Folding Mat of 10 ft.
  • Material of Iron Steel With Pine Wood
  • Bar Size: has an adjustable horizontal bar of exactly 3 ft to 5 ft.
  • Has one year warranty
  • Has normal gym mat 4by10
     Pros     Cons
  • Durable
  • Height adjustable
  • It is sturdy
  • Easy Portable
  • The full set has some missing pieces
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8. Usexport Expandable Junior Training Adjustable 3′ to 5′ Horizontal Bar Gymnastics Bar

Usexport Expandable Junior Training Adjustable 3' to 5' Horizontal Bar Gymnastics Bar

Check it on Amazon

This is an ideal home-training Gymnastics Kip Bar for Exercises Sports! It is very portable, well-constructed and very full duty, created with quality steels having stainless harden regulating arm. It offers you with a cost-conscious and sturdy option to aid home-based gymnast.

One of the significant features of this Bar is that it can be used easily. There 13 varied height preferences are available.

Key Features:
  • Incorporate double locking Mechanism
  • Has normal gym mat of 4by10
  • Adjustable from three ft up to about five ft at an interval of 2 inches
  • Has a joined Triangle Plates Support at the base
     Pros     Cons
  • Durable
  • easy to assemble
  • Portable
  • safe for use and quite stable
  • Stands freely
  • The tall Gymnastics is slightly unstable

7. Flex by Milliard Adjustable Height | Milliard Kip Bar Pro

Flex by Milliard Adjustable Height | Milliard Kip Bar Pro

Check it on Amazon

Kip Bar Pro by Milliard has a rock-firm piece of gear that will boost your gymnasts’ training in the gym or at home. It can steadily and safely support basic, intermediate gymnasts, and advanced practice and requires no extension kits or additional pieces to make it more stable. The top grade steel is tough and durable and will last longer with regular use.

With maple fiberglass bar design perfect balance and solid strength with more flexibility to easily hold and catch your gymnast on kips, hip circles, casts, and more. To increase the fun, every bar incorporates two sticker pieces so that bar can be decorated and personalized.

Key Features:
  • Adjustable: with 10 intervals in between
  • Easy: with clear manuals, an assembly is made easier
  • Dimensions: the dear is 72″ long and 54″ wide
  • Sturdy: safe strong pro-level design
     Pros     Cons
  • Durable
  • With rubber pads, it can comfortably be used
  • Stable
  • Sturdy
  • Is made of low-grade Hardware
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6. Titan Adjustable Jr. Gymnastics Kip Bar

Titan Adjustable Jr. Gymnastics Kip Bar

Check it on Amazon

Gymnastics kip bar by Titan’s Jr. is the ideal workout bar for athletes aiming to add some work at home. Simpler to dissemble, and even easy to join parts, this excellence kip bar incorporate optimal tool required to make sure gymnasts are acquiring the skills out of their exercise.

This gymnastic bar is stable, heavy-duty, portable and free standing. This gymnastic bar can be moved easily around. The snap locks permit users to do height adjustment with easy.

Key Features:
  • Rubber Floor Pads maintain kip bar stable
  • Has Modest pop pin design
  • 8 adjustable points for exercises
  • Safe for training
  • Has tubing frame with heavy gauge steel
  • Its parts can be put together in minutes
     Pros     Cons
  • Strong and stable quite
  • Adjusts nicely
  • Durable
  • Round corners to improve safety
  • Is a bit pricey

5. Best Choice – Pro-Deluxe High Gymnastics Bar – Blue Paint

Best Choice - Pro-Deluxe High Gymnastics Bar - Blue Paint

Check it on Amazon

The Pro-Deluxe High Gymnastics Bar is another more stable selection for those searching for a secure gymnastic child for their children. The gymnastic bar is manufactured using a heavy steel gauge tubes to make sure it is safe and sturdy at all times. An extra cross support aids maintain the Pro-Deluxe High Gymnastics bar from winding and steady when in use.

Bar height is adjustable from 38 inches up to 54 inches for a little athlete. There is an extra safety specification round corners.

Key Features:
  • Variable height
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • Freestanding, stable and portable
  • Expandable Kip Bar
     Pros     Cons
  • Great design
  • Corrosive resistant
  • Safe and quite secure to use
  • Lasts for long
  • Normally cause splinters
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4. Gym 2 Dance Model DX Barney Purple Bar Adjustable

Gym 2 Dance Model DX Barney Purple Bar Adjustable

Check it on Amazon

The gymnastic bar by Gym2Dance is a top quality made gymnastic kit. This design bar typically meet the professional demands.

Comparing this bar from other makes, you will notice the worth in this brand. G2D gymnastic bar incorporates a highly desirable dual stabilizing bond plate that is at considerable at far ends. Gymnast won’t step on the bond plate when dismount or mount the bar.

Key Features:
  • Has a joined Triangle Plates Support at the base
  • Largest footprint without an additional extension
  • Has vertical stainless support tubes
  • Double ultra-thick steel bond plates
     Pros     Cons
  • Can be assembled easily
  • With great landing, mat safety is enhanced
  • It may come with missing parts

3. Gymnastics Junior Kip Bar Tumbl Trak

Gymnastics Junior Kip Bar Tumbl Trak

Check it on Amazon

Kip Bar has the corners which give young gymnasts and keep them safer as they improve their skills. The gymnastics career of your child will develop with this kip bar.

Kids will enjoy hanging and playing with the standard bar. As they get older, put some stabilizers so as to make it perfect for kipping, basic circling skills, and learning casting.

Key Features:
  • Has rounded corners to ensure safety
  • improved design features
  • Has 4 ft by 8 ft stabilizer for more progressive skills
     Pros     Cons
  • Durable
  • Quite sturdy
  • Cost-effective
  • Great design
  • The wooden parts cannot be fixed easily
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2. Expandable Kip Bar Z-Athletic Gymnastics

Expandable Kip Bar Z-Athletic Gymnastics

Check it on Amazon

The bar has a heavy duty, very stable, free-standing bar and portable. It has a weight limit of 130 pounds and designed to last 1-4 gymnastic levels. Snap locks definitely adjust the height of your bar from 36 inches to 59 inches.

This features assists you save by obtaining the full kit composed of the product. You get the expandable training kit and the bar.

Key Features:
  • Pin Locks facilitates height adjustments from 36 inches to 50 inches
  • weight limit of 80 pound
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • 4 feet by 8 feet 3/4 inch unit board for stability
     Pros     Cons
  • Strong and stable
  • Easy to use
  • Very sturdy
  • Safe
  • Requires sandbags in order to grip it down at great heights

1. PRO Gymnastics Bar Tumbl Trak Junior

PRO Gymnastics Bar Tumbl Trak Junior

Check it on Amazon

The Tumbl Trak can easily be takedown and set-up and has a more durable and sturdier frame. It comes with special knobs that permit for quick adjustment.

No plywood is required to stabilize the unit further. Tumbl Trak can be only gymnastics work out bar that incorporates rounded corners. Tumbl Trak helps to ensure the athlete safety when training giving them self-reliance to progress.

Key Features:
  • Beechwood bar of 11/2 inches diameter
  • 6 feet long by 4 feet wide
  • Center cross support ensures more matting
  • Ships small package in three boxes.
  • Height tuning from 38inches up to 58.5 inches
     Pros     Cons
  • Allows for vigorous drills
  • Very sturdy
  • Easy to assemble
  • Well-built
  • Heights can be easily adjusted
  • The tall Gymnastics is slightly unstable

Purchase Considerations for Gymnastics Bars

The peculiarity of gymnastics, and of the gymnastics bar make it necessary that you should consider a few important features about any horizontal bar, before making a purchase. Following are these features:

  • Weight Limits: A gymnastics bar is usually made of wood, and the exact type and strength of the wood will determine the maximum weight it can comfortably carry. Many companies will limit their equipment to around 100 lbs., while others can of course be more.
  • Adjustments: Since children are of different heights, it makes more sense to have a gymnastics bar that its height can be adjusted. This allows the kid better access and flexibility during training.
  • Sturdy Build: A good gymnastics bar has to be of a sturdy build. First of all, it should be able to resist the rigors of any training session. Secondly, it should be built from materials that are good enough to last a long time.
  • Extras: The addition of extras should make any gymnastics bar more valuable. A popular extra here is usually a gym mat.


Buying a gymnastics bar for your promising young kid is definitely a good investment. The only question, is how much are you willing to invest? The Little Gym sets in positions #10 and #2 are both great if you have that much to spend, else, our number #1 pick, the Tumbl Trak Junior is the overall champion, and our recommendation.

For you to make sure that you purchase a valuable brand, it’s extremely significant that you acquire reliable information about the functionality of the best gymnastics bar prior to decision making. The ultimate quality of the substantial material and the gymnastics bar itself is probably your topmost consideration. Support structures should be steady enough as the participant twirls and spins.

If you are in need of buying gymnastic bars, then this guide will undoubtedly useful for you in selecting your gymnastic equipment.





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