Top 10 Best Fabric Shaver in 2018 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

Have you ever admired to renew your fizzy looking sweaters? Well, there is only one simple solution to achieve that, and you actually don’t need to splash out a brand new wardrobe. You just need to apply a fabric shaver to turn your old fizzy looking clothes into an elegant and fresh look. Also known as a lint shaver, this device assists in removing the fuzz balls and pilings ensuring that the clothing becomes aesthetically appealing. The fabric shaver works efficiently on jackets, sweater, pants, skirts among other types of clothing.

Also, a lint shaver is a compact device that can be stored effortlessly In a suitcase or backpack so that you can access it wherever you are. Unfortunately, your purchase choice may be daunted by the wide variety of designs and brands to choose from. Don’t worry; this article presents the top 10 brands of lint shavers that are right for you.

List of Top 10 Best Fabric Shaver Reviews in 2018

We have already done so and picked the best options for you. Let’s welcome the top 10 best fabric shavers.

Electric Sweater Shaver Fabric Fuzz Remover, Clothes Furniture Shaver, Defuzzer. Remove Lint Pills Balls Bobbles From Carpet, Curtain, Clothing. Save on Batteries. Extra Replacement Blade and BrushBuy on Amazon
Fabric Shaver - Retains Clothes' Shine in Minutes - Safely removes Fuzz, Pilling - Quick and Easy-to-use lint Catcher with Large Shaving Head & Removable bin - Extra Stainless Steel Blade IncludedBuy on Amazon
Gleener Ultimate Fuzz Remover Fabric Shaver & Lint Remover | Adjustable clothes shaver, sweater shaver & lint shaver (Burnt Orange)Buy on Amazon
KOODER Multifunctional Rechargeable Fabric Shaver, Lint Remover, Combines Both Shaving and Brushing FunctionBuy on Amazon
Evercare Fabric Shaver, LargeBuy on Amazon
Fannyc Lint Remover Clothes Fuzz Fabric Shaver Suit for US Standard Fabric Sweater Defuzzer Fabric ClothesBuy on Amazon
House of Wonderful Wonder Lint Best Rated Electric Sweater Shaver Best Fuzz Pill Bobble Remover for Fabric Fleece Curtains ClothesBuy on Amazon
Beautural Portable Fabric Shaver and Lint Remover with 2-Speeds, Adjustable Shave Height, Dual Protection for Your Clothes, Quickly and Effectively Remove Fluff, Lint, and BobblesBuy on Amazon
Remington Fuzz-Away Fabric Shaver, RTFS-2Buy on Amazon
Conair Fabric Defuzzer - Shaver; Battery Operated; WhiteBuy on Amazon

10. Es Unico Sweater Shaver Fabric Electric Fuzz Remover

Es Unico Sweater Shaver Fabric Electric Fuzz Remover

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Do you want to make your old clothes wearable again? Then it is time you think again and wisely as you select the right fabric shaver. However, ES Unico sweater shaver could be just what you are missing. It is one of the highest rated lint shavers on the market and investing in it would mean a wise that you have invested your money wisely. It features a strong battery that ensures you shave a bunch of clothes before you recharge it. It has large holes in the head, and the blades are strong enough to work on any material regardless of their toughness. It comes with a spare blade and brush to ensure the results are excellent.

One of the major complains by some few individuals is the loud noise produced by this lint shaver. However, the good news is that this loud noise is accompanied by powerful action of the motor that leaves outstanding results. But if you don’t mind about the noise, this is the ultimate lint shaver to own.

9. Vila Electric Fabric Shaver

Vila Electric Fabric Shaver

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Pilings on clothes can cause trauma to your lifestyle. But, Vila electric lint shaver comes to your rescue. It features an incredibly large shaving head that can work on a large amount of fabric within the shortest time possible. With this device, you can quickly remove fuzz and make your outfit new again. The lint catcher is removable to enhance easy emptying for your next use. Besides, the easy to use and comfortable grip allows everyone to remove fuzz clothing without any challenges.

However, there is one issue that some have found wanting. This issue is about the device is quite difficult to operate for some beginners. This is due to the non-English instruction booklet. Besides, different clothing require different modes or pattern of defusing and without the experience, this can be difficult to achieve.

8. Gleener Ultimate Fuzz – Remover Fabric Shaver

Gleener Ultimate Fuzz - Remover Fabric Shaver

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Sometimes you have to embrace the manual way of removing fuzz from clothes for you to enjoy maximum results. With Gleener fuzz remover, you will not only be able to work on different clothing, but also you will be able to make your upholstery look new again. The designs feature three interchangeable edges so that you can de-pill coats, sweaters, polyester, acrylic, cashmere and other kinds of clothing fabrics. It doesn’t use a battery and has a compact size and can be used anywhere.

The demerit of this lint shave is that it isn’t fast like the electric models. So, you may have to spend more energy than when using the electrical models. However, if you care about quality and quieter operation; this is the device to take home.

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7. KOODER Rechargeable plus Multifunctional Fabric Shaver

KOODER Rechargeable plus Multifunctional Fabric Shaver

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Some materials and clothes require more than just shaving. That’s why this lint shaver by Kooder combines the two functions of shaving and brushing to ensure that your clothes become smooth and charming. It achieves this by having a unique design which integrates shaver and sticks brush. However, these two functions require more power, and that’s why it operates on two batteries.

The only negativity with this fabric shaver is that it has a large motor. This increases the efficiency of the device and reduces the repeated shaving motion. Unfortunately, the larger the motor, the more sound it will produce. This is not actually a downside as it seems since it masked by the versatile performance it provides.

6. Evercare Large Fabric Shaver

Evercare Large Fabric Shaver

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Evercare fabric shaver features an incredibly large design and an ergonomic handle. You can use it for hours without feeling fatigue. The enlarged design is accompanied by a large motor w which removes fuzz balls and pilling quickly and efficiently. The removable waste bin is large and accommodates a lot of waste before you need to empty. To ensure that the results are outstanding, the shaver is accompanied by a brush to leave your clothes looking new.

However, Evercare fabric shaver operates on two AA batteries which aren’t included in the package. Moreover, the powerful motor requires a constant supply of sufficient power and the two batteries seems to be below capacity. Besides, the safe trim design allows the device to work on different fabrics without any challenge.

5. Fannyc Fabric Shaver Suit Clothes Fuzz Lint Remover

Fannyc Fabric Shaver Suit Clothes Fuzz Lint Remover

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No matter the age of your clothes or upholstery, you have every chance of making it look new again. With Fannyc fabric shaver, you can effortlessly remove fuzz balls from clothes and sofa. It is battery free and uses a power cord. Thus, it is very powerful and removes all stubborn lint and fuzz balls. It uses there powerful stainless steel blades which can remove lint’s from blankets, carpets, curtains and without worrying about low power. With an easy to remove lint holder, you can work on large quantities of clothing easily and quickly.

However, due to the battery-free operation, you can’t use the device without a power connection. This affects portability and limits you to use the device during outings or in outdoors. However, once you find a power socket and connect the device, you’ll find that does the job right by shearing the lint’s off in a matter of seconds.

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4. House of Wonderful Lint Electric Sweater Shaver

House of Wonderful Lint Electric Sweater Shaver

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You will find this product listed as one of the best sellers in many sites. But, it is due to the professional designs that make it very easy for removing lint and fuzz balls. It uses a power 5 watts motor accompanied with 2.5 inches shaving head and precision rotary blades. It works great on clothing and household furniture.

The device is incredibly powerful, and it can make holes on your sweater if you use it carelessly. This depicts the outstanding power these devices possess. But with an experienced user, it can work on a variety of materials. Whether it your household furniture, curtains, carpet, you will definitely find this device very applicable.

3. 1byone Beautural Dual Speeds Fabric Shaver and Lint Remover

1byone Beautural Dual Speeds Fabric Shaver and Lint Remover

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You may actually think that you need to buy new clothes, but a simple solution lies in this fabric shaver. It offers the best way to revive the way your garment’s look. It is ideal for your sweater, jerseys, blankets, curtains, household furniture among other fabrics. It boasts an expandable blade surface to customize the lint removal depending on the needs of different fabrics. It offers three shave heights, 2 speeds, and three shaving head sizes.

However, the lint storage compartment comes off very easily. This may be quite annoying since you have to bring it back all the time. Also, the device is powered by 2 AA batteries which are not perfectly fit for this heavy duty lint remover. All in all, this is a transcendent device to revive all your garments.

2. Remington Fabric Shaver Fuzz-Away

Remington Fabric Shaver Fuzz-Away

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Finding the best way to replenish the appearance of your fabric is now easier than ever before. Thanks to the invention of Remington fabric shaver. It boasts a unique design that works on a variety of materials. It has a strong motor which removes the fuzz ball extremely easy. The motor allows the blades to rotate at incredible speeds to remove even the most stubborn pilings from your old fabrics. It is also compact and is made of lightweight materials, making it right for travel needs.

Just like other top-rated and powerful lint removers, this one can amuse some destruction to lightweight fabrics. However, this happens if you are not careful with what you are doing. However, this is a great device once you gain the experience or when used correctly.

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1. Conair Battery Operated Fabric Shaver, White

Conair Battery Operated Fabric Shaver, White

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The best choice for our review is this lint shaver by Conair. It is a lightweight and compact device that runs on two AA batteries which aren’t included in the package. The system operates smoothly and safely removes fuzz, pilling as well as lint. It has an easily detachable lint holder and a comfortable ergonomic handle. With a large having head holds, it is ideal for all lint sizes on all fabrics. It also boasts adjustable three setting distance controls to enhance even shaving.

However, the lint storage compartment easily comes off, and you might be required to keep putting it back. But if you shave smoothly and gently, this won’t happen, and you will also prevent damaging the fabric.

Factors to consider before buying a fabric shaver

Choosing the best fabric shaver shouldn’t sound like rocket technology to you. Besides, this is just a simple device which performs an important function in keeping your garments looking clean as new. But, distinguishing the bad from the good regarding fabric shaver’s performance requires some evaluation of the following factors.

  • The design: When you are evaluating the design of a particular lint shaver, you need to look at the size of shaving head and the grip handle. Also, you need to look at the collection compartment as well as the control settings. There are also other important factors that you need to evaluate regarding the design of a fabric shaver. But the bottom line is, these designs ought to make the shaving process smooth and bring appreciable results.
  • Specifications: Each shaver has unique specifications which play a part in enhancing the performance. Some specifications include battery power, weight, and replacement kit among others. All the specifications play an important role when executing lint shaving performance.
  • Performance: The performance of each lint shaver will be measured regarding the ability to shave all fabrics. However, some may not perform the same when working on various materials. But, some have the profound versatility that enables them to tackle any work before it. Basically, you will be looking at the blades design, the size of the holes and the lint chamber. Performance differs greatly from brand o brand and from model to model. But, you are lucky since you won’t go through the torment of evaluating the above features.


We can say much regarding the best fabric shavers to buy. But, it’s upon you to make the last decision, which is quite simple now. Just hover the mouse over the ten products outlined and pick your best choice. You will realize that there is no such thing as “old clothes” or fabrics. You just need to get yourself a fabric shaver and be in a position to renew your garments.

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