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Top 10 Best Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls Reviews In 2017

Having the right mixing bowls in your kitchen makes the work around the kitchen and dinner table easier and enjoyable. They are must have kitchen utility and an incredible part of the collection you ought to have in your kitchen. It is entirely impossible to make anything you would want to bake or cook without a set of mixing bowls. Mixer bowls help you to save time and most probably motivate you to try new foods. But one thing you should know, however, is that the market is full of many brands of mixing bowls.

The features to be considered include durability, stain and odor resistance, size, whether it is lightweight, stove- top compatibility and whether the bowl is microwaveable. Stainless steel mixing bowls possess these aspects, but since you need the right and the best item working for your money, we’ve done a thorough research for you. Our research filters out the top 10 best stainless steel mixing bowls that will surely change your cooking experience.


10. Cook Pro 717 five-Piece Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl Set

As the name implies, Cook Pro will help you cook like a professional without straining and without making an unnecessary mess. It comes as a set of 5 stainless steel mixing bowls of varying sizes to fit all your mixing and serving needs. Precisely, these graduated sizes will not only give you a smooth cooking process, but they will also allow you to make accurate measurements of the food contents. This factor enables you to follow the recipe accurately without making a mess.

The set features mirror polished surfaces both on the exterior and interior to enable easy cleaning and avoid rusting. But, the polished surface will remain intact and durable depending on the care you give. Otherwise, they will start peeling off upon aging. On the other hand, they are quite lightweight and have a small thickness.

  • Pros

• Fairly easy cleaning

• Affordable and worth the cost

• Variety of sizes make them have versatile use

• They don’t stain easily

  • Cons

• Extreme lightweight design

• Mirror polish isn’t quite durable


9. ChefLand Set of 6 Standard – Weight Mixing Bowls

Do you need a set of bowls that will serve different needs in the kitchen? Of course, you do, and it is not quite easy to get one. But, Chefland mixing bowls will serve that purpose and allow you to do some kitchen activities. Ranging from marinating, whisking, and mixing to serving this set will do all that. This is the right choice for you to make an enjoyable transition of right from the kitchen counter to making a charming serving. Besides, these equipment has a compact storage capability. Thanks to the stackable and lightweight design. For you to administer a professional result, Chefland mixing bowl set remains to be an incredible choice. Moreover, this set helps in making the seasoning mix, fold batter, and knead dough among other recipes.

The only downside about this product is that it isn’t microwavable. This aspect will cause some limitations to your cooking ideas. You shouldn’t use it in a microwave, and on the other hand, the finish tends to pit off quite easily.

  • Pros

• Affordable

• Sturdy design

• Finished surfaces

• Easy to clean

  • Cons

• Stainless steel finish degrades easily

• It isn’t microwavable


8. Cook N Home 14 Pieces Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl Set

You need to use mixer bowl set that is safe to use and provides ease and convenience of use. Fortunately, the manufacturer of Cook N mixing bowls had all these ideas in mind. This product features high-quality steel construction that not only enhances durability but also makes them easy to clean. Moreover, it is dishwater safe and freezer safe. The three size mixing bowl are ideal for various preparation jobs in the kitchen. The three sizes include the 5QT, 3 QT, and 1.5QT which is a good combination for various kitchen demands.

However, this product isn’t fit for use in a microwave. This would limit you to some activities such as warming the foods. Equally, the mirror finish is susceptible to pitting if used without great care. Besides, the lids are plastic and therefore heat sensitive and quite unsafe for food handling. But, under the specified use, this is a great piece in any kitchen.

  • Pros

• An incredible variety of size to serve different needs

• Affordable and worth investing

• High quality steel construction

• Compact and stackable design

  • Cons

• Plastic lids aren’t fashionable

• Peeling-off of the mirror finish


7. Norpro 10446 three-Piece Stainless Steel Grip Bowls

Even by the look you will judge this product and rate it highly. If you examine it closer, you will realize that it indeed deserves its speculated value. It boasts a brushed stainless steel exterior and mirrors polished interior. Additionally, the base has anti-skid properties to enhance secure grips on your kitchen counter as well as the dinner table. Moreover, the variety of sizes and capacities helps you to accomplish different tasks without wasting a moment. It includes nests for easy storage. Besides, the tight seal lids to keep the contents safe and in the condition that you want.

Among the few downsides of this set, the lids get bent over time and tend to leave spaces after closing the bowls. The mirror finish on the inside part also tends to peel off after long time use. Moreover, they are quite heavy for any person who likes lightweight. But, they work out just excellently and efficiently.

  • Pros

• Possess anti- slip features

• Have nests for easy storage

• Comfortable to hold and work with

• Affordable

  • Cons

• Weak lids


6. Fitzroy and Fox 3 – Piece Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl

Do you need to find a great value for your money and change your kitchen and dining experience? Well, you require Fitzroy and Fox stainless steel mixing bowl. The product features a rugged and attractive design that has lids to keep all your recipes safe in the refrigerator, the freezer, during marinating or when you need to keep the food warm. The set features bowls that are stackable for compact storage and non-slip silicone bottoms for a secure grip during the mixing process. Besides, they are colorful and more durable than the glass made bowl sets.

The downside of this set of stainless steel mixer bowl set is that the rubber base and plastic lids can be difficult to clean. Consequently, they can retain bad odors. However, the overall quality of this product is incredible and recommendable.

  • Pros

• Tight sealing

• It is BPA free

• Affordable

• Very stable during mixing, thanks to the non-skid features

  • Cons

• Rubber base wears out


5. Chef Essential Stainless Steel Non-Slip Mixing Bowls

Are you still spending sleepless nights trying to figure out the best mixing bowls to purchase? Well, Chef Essential’s stainless steel mixing bowls are perhaps the end of your wishful thinking. Once you possess these bowls, you will conveniently mix doughs, make batters, salads and much more. The set includes graters to help in enhancing a practical mess free grating into bowls. Besides, the bowls have a good grip handle for a more stable mixing.

The negative side of these beautifully crafted bowls is that they tend to scratch after extended use. The handle also requires careful and tender use to avoid damage. Besides, they are thin, and care is needed to avoid dent.

  • Pros

• Ideal for pre-oven

• They look fashionable

• Affordable

• Include grating apparatus

  • Cons

• Quite thin


4. Sagler Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls – Set of 5

This is still another great innovation representing a high rated and bestselling mixing bowls. It includes five items that have the sizes ranging from 1 quart to 5 quarts to fulfill all your mixing and serving needs. They come with matching lids, bowl covers as well as three grater discs. Moreover, they are dishwater safe, easy to use and clean and feature curved lip.

The wrong side of this kitchenware is about the tightness and the durability of the lids. They aren’t tight enough and tend to lose the grip as their age increases. The finish on either side of the bowl design is not permanent. As you continue using the product, you will notice it peeling off. But the overall quality is quite worth the money.

  • Pros

• Highly affordable

• Very easy to handle and clean

• The rubber bottoms enhance great stability even when using an electrical mixer.

  • Cons

• Lids tend to lose their tightness over time


3. OXO Good Grips 3-Piece Stainless-Steel Mixing Bowls

This stainless steel mixer bowl set is built to enhance great functionality. It features three pieces of different sizes. Besides, each piece is well adapted for various kitchen task. It features a 1.5-quart size which has a perfect design ideal for whisking eggs as well as salad dressings. The 3-quart size has high walls making it perfect for use in electric mixers. 5-quart size is incredibly large enough for mixing large quantities, tossing salads as well as serving popcorn.

The downside is that the finish peels off if you use rough cleaning apparatus. Besides, it rusts after using it for a long time and ends up forming weak ad annoying spots. But with the correct use and care of the set, the sky is the limits.

  • Pros

• Affordable

• Variety of sizes for greater functionality

• Stable base

  • Cons

• Plastic exterior is heat sensitive and doesn’t clean with ease


2. VonShef Stainless Steel 5-Piece Mixing Bowl Set

These bowls are extraordinary mixing bowls. They have fantastic features which enable them to perform excellently for all your kitchen needs. This great kitchen staple has 5 pieces with the sizes 1 QT, 1.75QT, 2.25QT, 3QT and 4QT respectively. Precisely, they are stackable for compacts storage in the kitchen counter. Furthermore, they have anti-slip features and come with bowl covers. They offer the best way for whisking egg whites, making cake mixtures among others. Besides, they are dishwater safe and hence ideal for food handling.

However, the lids of this equipment aren’t dishwater safe. They require a hand wash for proper cleaning. Equally, the thin material and designing make them not ideal for heavy-duty kitchen work. If you use excessive force, you might end up creating cracks, splits, and other faults.

  • Pros

• Variety of sizes for an enhanced durability

• Affordable

• They look presentable

• They are stackable

  • Cons

• Lids aren’t dishwater safe


1. Fine Dine Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls

This set boats a premium quality bowls with commercial grade metal construction. It can be used for both serving and mixing purposes. Besides, the metal construction won’t allow any stain and odor formation and will resist rust for years without showing any sign of deterioration. It also features a grip rounded lip for easy handling. Further, the generously wide rims allow the contents to flow smoothly during emptying. Besides, the stackable design is space saving, and the polished finish enhances a luxurious aesthetic.

However, these products feature certain weak points. To be specific, this set has a low gauge thickness which makes them flimsy. If you aren’t careful, it is vulnerable to denting. This lightweight design calls for a tender care of this stainless steel mixing bowls set.

  • Pros

• Aesthetically pleasing design

• Highly affordable

• Great resistance to corrosion and rust

• Versatile uses

  • Cons

• Low gauge and lightweight design


Considering that mixing bowls set is a must have in any particular kitchen, finding the best needs to be careful thought. But, it shouldn’t be tricky at all as we have a comprehensive review. They are the top 10 best stainless steel mixing bowls that will undoubtedly change your cooking experience. They are highly affordable hence a reasonable value for your money.




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