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Top 10 Best Electric Massage Chairs Reviews in 2017

Getting a relaxing massage comfortably seated in your own chair is a luxury that needs to be experienced by everyone. The personal electric massage chair has steadily grown in popularity over the last decades, and with advancements in technology, it has also become better at massaging. There are currently many companies offering different massage chairs, each with a slightly different technology or feature from the other. This can make things a bit confusing, so in order to make sense out of it all, we present to you this top 10 electric massage chairs review for 2017, in the hope that it will make your massage chair purchase decision easier.

Electric Massage Chair Purchase Considerations

Electric massage chairs vary widely. There are price variations, features, size and service variations as well. It’s therefore of utmost importance that you understand these differences, so that you will be in a better position to make an informed purchase decision.

– Price

Electric massage chairs vary widely in price from a few hundred dollars to a few thousands. The first issue you should tackle therefore, is to know exactly how much you are willing to spend.

– Features

Different electric massage chairs offer different features. Some chairs may focus on specific areas of the body, while others can focus on the whole body. Some also offer intensity settings, as well as electronically controlled massage programs. Obviously, you should decide as well on what features you need, or simply want.

– Space

Electric massage chairs come in varying sizes. This makes it important that you should make sure that you have enough space to install whichever size you decide to buy.

– Warranty

Purchasing an electric massage chair is an investment. It is therefore important that you pay attention to a chair’s warranty terms and duration, in a bid to protect your investment.

10. Top Performance Massage Chair with 6 Rollers

The Kahuna SM Series is a top class massage chair with all the functions and features you can expect from a top level massage chair. It features 6 rollers, and can give a shiatsu massage. It can knock, tap and knead. It also features 6 massage programs including recovery, yoga-stretching, relaxation and pain relief programs. It will also use airbags and rollers to squeeze and knead your buttocks, increasing thereby the alignment of the pelvis.

  • Pros: 6 rollers, pulsed airbags with acupressure points
  • Cons: Expensive

9. Five Star FS8812 10 Motor Massage Seat Cushion

This product is not exactly a massage chair, but it can be used to turn any chair into a massage chair. It’s perfect for those who travel a lot and may not have adequate time for a full blown massage session at home. It comes with 10 vibrators, three massage speeds and four massage programs. It also features a heater which can be switched on or off at will. All its features can be controlled from the included hand control unit.

  • Pros: Cheap alternative massager, with heater as well
  • Cons: It only vibrates,

8. BestMassage Curved Long Rail Shiatsu Massage Chair with Bluetooth Speakers

This beautiful massage chair in position #8 has a weight limit of 200 lbs. (90kg), but it comes with bluetooth surround speakers for the perfect relaxation with massage and music. It offers shiatsu massages, and can gently knead the muscles and skin to relieve pressure. It can also combine kneading and tapping, and it does it in a very human like way. Its control buttons are conveniently located in the armrest.

  • Pros: Beautifully designed chair, bluetooth surround speakers
  • Cons: No massage for the legs, 200lbs. (90kg) maximum weight

7. RELAXONCHAIR MK-II Full Massage Chair with Airbags and Heating

The MK-II is FDA registered as a medical device. It features gentle but firm massage rollers, airbag pressure massages, kneading, tapping and a combination. It is also a zero-gravity chair, meaning that it will elevate the legs to the same level as the heart, reducing stress and discomfort. It offers four automatic massage programs, three speed controls and a one-hand remote control.

  • Pros: Includes foot massager, 3 year warranty, registered as a medical device
  • Cons: It is not cheap

6. Best Choice Reclining PU Leather Massage Chair

This Best Choice chair can easily fit in anywhere. It is made from PU leather, looks good and comes with a remote control for its massage functions. It features a 360 degree swivel ability, heating, different massage intensities and five vibration modes. There are also storage pockets on the chair, with a cup-holder on each armrest, for that perfect relaxation with your favorite beverage.

  • Pros: Affordable, nice black leather look, includes heater
  • Cons: Offers only vibrators

5. BestMassage Zero Gravity & Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair

When you need the ultimate massage experience at home for an affordable price, then this BestMassage Shiatsu massage chair can do wonders for you. It will take care of your neck, your shoulder, back, hips and legs. It includes intelligent programs that stimulate the human touch and can offer specific massages targeted towards recovery, relaxation or refreshment. It also has a sensor that determines a person’s shoulder height, and then massages accordingly.

  • Pros: Full body massage including legs, shiatsu, heating, zero gravity

4. L-Track Full Body Zero Gravity Kahuna LM-6800 Massage Chair

The Kahuna LM-6800 features everything you can desire in a massage chair. It features a 3-stage zero gravity massage, air-massage technology, a body scan system and double layer shoulder airbags. the body scan allows the chair to customize the session to your exact body dimensions. It also features specific programs for yoga, foot massage, e.t.c. to relieve stress and give you a good time.

  • Pros: FDA registered, air massaging system, full body massage
  • Cons: It’s rather expensive

3. Real Relax Shiatsu Zero Gravity Massage Chair

The Real Relax massage chair is available in three colors of black, burgundy and khaki. It features 2 preset massage programs, and has 8 massage points inside the backrest, including 35 airbags placed all over. There are airbags for the arms, legs and shoulder parts. The chair can also recline into the zero-gravity position, with air pulses and rollers giving you a wonderful time, and releasing all your stress.

  • Pros: 3 years warranty, 35 airbags
  • Cons: Headset is not true virtual reality

2. Full Featured Shiatsu Massage Chair from Ideal Massage

In position #2 is the Shiatsu massage chair from Ideal Massage. This chair offers the utmost in luxury massage chairs. It features vibrators, rollers and kneading. Its special Shiatsu rollers are designed to give you the experience of a real-life professional masseuse. The chair will as well recline into the zero-gravity position while delivering its head to toe programs which can last for up to 30 minutes.

  • Pros: Features human-like kneading, zero-gravity massages

1. Electric Full Body Power Shiatsu EC-06C Massage Chair from BestMassage

Our number #1 electric massage chair in 2017 is this BestMassage EC-06C. It features 30 airbags for both the upper and lower parts of the body. The chair includes vibrations which dilate blood vessels, relieving stress, as well as rollers and air squeeze massage functionality. The EC-06C has a weight limit of 250 lbs. (113kg), 1 year manufacturer’s warranty, and it includes a heating system which can combine with its Shiatsu massages to take all your stress and discomfort away in just a few minutes. It is available in the three colors of black, brown and burgundy.

  • Pros: Cool design, FDA registered, 30 airbags


As mentioned before, you should know your budget for a massage chair, because as you should have realized by now, the price range can be quite wide. Of course you are free to buy any of the Kahuna chairs if you can afford it, else the all-round best electric massage chair in 2017 is the EC-06C from BestMassage, our number #1 recommendation because of its price, impressive features and cool design.








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